Chicago Blackhawks Rumoured to give Connor Bedard Surprising Role

Published August 28, 2023 at 9:52 PM

The Chicago Blackhawks lucked into perhaps the biggest NHL lottery of the past decade in 2023, and now, it appears they're ready to go all in on their newest young star.

A big time role


Connor Bedard is already the future and face of the Blackhawks organization, and if they are to repeat the success of the Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews era, he will need to be as big a star as many expect.

He's had eyes on him for years now, and every step of the way, he has lived up to the hype, and now, the Blackhawks could be looking to give him another massive level of responsibility.

A star of the future

According to a recent report, the Blackhawks could be giving Bedard the captaincy before he even plays a game at the NHL level, and while it makes sense, this would certainly be a risk.

The positives of this move is to push all your chips in and show him that you believe in him (akin to Connor McDavid in Edmonton), but on the other hand, this may be too much responsibility, so we will see how Chicago plays it over the coming months ahead of the 2023-24 season.

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Chicago Blackhawks Rumoured to give Connor Bedard Surprising Role

Can Bedard top 75 points in his rookie campaign?

Yes4338.1 %
No7061.9 %
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