Ryan Reaves Faces Backlash After Lying to the Media

Published November 5, 2023 at 10:43

Ryan Reaves has been receiving significant backlash for failing to confront Brad Marchand, and he has now been caught lying about it.


Marchand's Dirty Play on Liljegren

Last Thursday, Boston Bruins captain Brad Marchand delivered a forceful hit on Leafs defenseman Timothy Liljegren, slamming him hard into the boards and causing Liljegren to exit the game.

Subsequently, it was announced that Liljegren would be placed on the LTIR due to a high ankle sprain directly resulting from the play.

Leafs fans, coaches, and management didn't appreciate the team's lack of response. GM Brad Treliving had acquired significant physicality in Ryan Reaves, Tyler Bertuzzi, and Max Domi, yet despite having these three players, Liljegren remained unavenged.


Reaves Lied About Opportunities to Avenge Liljegren

Ryan Reaves later commented on the absence of repercussions for Marchand, explaining that he wasn't on the ice with Marchand due to the Bruins having the last change.

"First of all, 'Get away from the bench.' Second of all, I guess he was lucky I wasn't out on the ice with him. Yeah, unfortunately they had last chance so I didn't get any shifts against him." - Ryan Reaves

However, it was later revealed that Reaves did, in fact, have two shifts after the hit where both he and Marchand were on the ice together.

The good news is that 75 and 63 would both be on the ice together in two more shifts later in the game

It is now evident that he had two opportunities to hold Marchand accountable for injuring Liljegren.

Now, we will have to wait and see if Reaves responds in the Leafs' next game against the Bruins or if he continues to fall short of fulfilling the role he was brought to Toronto to perform.

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Ryan Reaves Faces Backlash After Lying to the Media

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