Connor McDavid Shows Frustration In Post-Game Interview

Published November 5, 2023 at 7:46

The Oilers season is officially in danger as they lost again, lowering their record to 2-7-1, tied with the Flames at the bottom of the Pacific division. The only team with an outright worse record than Edmonton so far is San Jose. Following the loss, captain Connor McDavid let his disappointment to be known.

McDavid Calls Out Teammates

Following the brutal loss, McDavid addressed the media, noting how its hard to win when you are constantly playing from behind.

I"t's just d**** by 1000 cuts, you know, that's what it feels like. One little mistake and it costs us, another little mistake and it snowballs. Like I said, it's tough to chase games"

It is interesting how McDavid phrases this. He specifically says, "One little mistake and it costs us." Anyone who has ever been a fan of a team with poor goaltending might recognize that particular phrase. Its a common way of saying "our goalie sucked" without actually having to say that. Regardless, the Oilers are not going to win many games scoring just two goals so there is plenty of blame to go around as the team's offensive leaders have struggled to create goals this season as well.


That being said, the Oiler's tandem is truly terrible this season. If there is a single move any team should make it should be the Oilers acquiring a new goalie because their current tandem just is not cutting it this year. The longer this cold stretch continues, the more drastic a move will be required to save the team's season. We are waiting, Edmonton.

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Connor McDavid Shows Frustration In Post-Game Interview

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