Andrew Mangiapane Ejected After Disgusting Hit On Jared McCann

Published November 5, 2023 at 7:28

The Calgary Flames have had a miserable start to their season. Not only are they near the bottom of the standings but they have already had one player, Rasmus Andersson, suspended four games for a terrible hit on Columbus' Patrik Laine. Now they may be facing another lengthy suspension as Flames forward Andrew Mangiapane decided to choose violence with Jared McCann in a vulnerable position beneath him.

Mangiapane Ejected For Crosscheck

Mangiapane decided to crosscheck McCann when he was face-down on the ice. There was no reason for the play whatsoever. The on-ice officials determined that he deliberately intended to injure McCann, thus giving him a match penalty.

Andrew Mangiapane ejected with a match penalty for cross-checking Jared McCann

Interestingly, the officials directly stated that Mangiapane intended to injure McCann on the play. In the past, officials did not typically state the reasons for certain calls, especially in situations like these. It seems that the league may be trying to take a step towards being more transparent.

The Flames continue their season on Tuesday as they take on the Nashville Predators. They are currently down 2-1 against Seattle.
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Andrew Mangiapane Ejected After Disgusting Hit On Jared McCann

Should Mangiapane be ejected for this crosscheck?

Yes, 1-2 games4726.3 %
Yes, 3-4 games5631.3 %
Yes, 5+ games5329.6 %
No2312.8 %
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