Sheldon Keefe Puts Players On Blast For Marchand Incident

Published November 4, 2023 at 6:57 PM

The Leafs found themselves in hockey headlines this week as they so often do. This time it was due to an incident involving Brad Marchand in which the Leafs responded poorly. Now their head coach is letting them hear it.

Keefe lays into Leafs

During their last game, the Leafs got into an altercation with Bruins forward and well known pest Brad Marchand. The incident occurred after a play in which Marchand injured Leafs defenseman Timothy Liljegren.

The Leafs were not happy with Marchand following the play but no one really seemed to care enough to actually do anything about it. A few players chirped at him from the bench, but no one did so much as to even stand up. The Leafs literally refused to stand up for their teammate. Leafs newcomers Ryan Reaves and Tyler Bertuzzi were particularly disappointing in their responses as those two were supposed to bring some character and toughness to the team. Instead, they've brought disappointment and Sheldon Keefe has had enough.

"It's not what we want to be about. At times we've responded very well in those situations in the past. It's about consistency though."

Sheldon Keefe, on the #leafs lack of physical response after Brad Marchand took out Timothy Liljegren's feet on Thursday night:

"I hated everything about it."

McCauley Unfit To Ref NHL Games?

Fans also took to social media to call out NHL referee Wes McCauley for not making a call on the play where Liljegren was injured. Marchand appeared give him the old can opener with a slewfoot and a stick in between his legs along the boards.

Discussions of NHL officiating are as old as the sport itself and there are certainly those who think the league needs major changes to the way the game is called. That being said, there are few individual refs that are household names and Wes McCauley is one of them. While he gained notoriety for his on-ice personality, that shine is starting to wear off as plays like this that went uncalled pile up. Perhaps its time for the NHL to find new officials.

As seen on Sheldon Keefe slams his players over the Liljegren/Marchand incident.
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Sheldon Keefe Puts Players On Blast For Marchand Incident

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