Rumor: Trade Talks for William Nylander Resurface in Toronto

Published November 30, 2023 at 12:36

A recent rumor suggests that the Toronto Maple Leafs are actively exploring options to replace William Nylander, given his increasingly high salary demands that may price him out of Toronto.

Insider Discloses Toronto's Ongoing Pursuit to Trade Nylander Despite Strong Start


William Nylander is delivering an impressive performance this season, tallying 27 points in 20 games played. However, with Toronto already facing a tight cap situation, his outstanding play is pushing him toward an extension that may be unfeasible for the team.

NHL insider Eklund of Hockey Buzz has revealed that the Leafs are actively searching for a top-six forward, with the intention of moving Nylander elsewhere.

A source confirmed to me that Florida, Ottawa and Toronto were all trying to land Patrick KaneThe same source tells me the Leafs are STILL aggressively looking for a top 6 forward

"They continue to talk to teams about a top 6 forward, a player that would then enable them to move Nylander"

The Leafs have long been rumored to be considering trading Nylander, and these rumors are resurfacing.

Should the Leafs Consider Trading Nylander This Season?


Deciding whether to trade Nylander presents a challenging dilemma for the Leafs. Presently, Nylander offers one of the best contract values in the NHL. The argument for trading him hinges on the possibility of him leaving for nothing after this season. Trading him could potentially bring significant assets for the current season and beyond.

Nylander has never broken 90 pts and has hit 40 goals once in his career.

That was prime Willy too, his next deal will be buying is he worth over 10M? Let alone 11M?

If teams like him that much, then they will pay up via trade.

9.5aav or trade.

Nonetheless, trading Nylander could highlight the Leafs lack of confidence in their prospects for this year's championship. A team fully committed to winning now might opt to retain Nylander for the season, caring less about what transpires after its conclusion.

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Rumor: Trade Talks for William Nylander Resurface in Toronto

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