Rangers Forward Entangled in Financial Lawsuit

Published October 19, 2023 at 12:30

In an unexpected twist, Mika Zibanejad, the New York Rangers' star player, and his brother have become embroiled in a legal dispute involving a substantial sum of money, putting their homes in jeopardy.

Zibanejad's Financial Challenge


A surprising development has emerged as the Zibanejad brothers face financial difficulties due to their burger chain, Brödernas, failing to repay a significant loan. Both siblings had used their homes as collateral to secure this loan, and now they are confronted with the grim reality of possibly losing their properties.

"A total of four people and one company are being sued. Two of the individuals are New York Rangers star Mika Zibanejad and Monir Kalgoum, both of whom have invested in the hamburger chain Brödernas."

"Zibanejad and Kalgoum are included in the lawsuit because they chose to pledge their properties as collateral for a loan taken by Brödernas CEO Joakim Wiklander."

The outstanding debt they must repay stands at $400,000 USD, and failure to do so could lead to their homes being seized by the bank.

Ranger's Investment is Better than Zibanejad's


Despite the financial turbulence off the ice, Mika Zibanejad continues to excel in his hockey career, bringing success to the New York Rangers. They made the right call by signing him long-term. A much better call than Zibanejad's investment.

The 30-year-old center showcased his skills by scoring an impressive 91 points in the last season. This year, in just three games, he has already tallied four points, solidifying his vital role in the team's performance.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Zibanejad and His Brother at Risk of Losing Their Homes Due to Legal Issues
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Rangers Forward Entangled in Financial Lawsuit

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