Major Development Hints at Matthews' Secret Surgery

Published April 4, 2024 at 0:04

Auston Matthews, despite delivering a commendable performances in the 2022-23 season, experienced a slight dip in his point production. He scored twenty fewer goals than the prior year, with a shooting percentage that was roughly three points below his career norm. The reason for this might now be clearer.

Possible Surgery for Matthews?

Elliotte Friedman, a renowned NHL insider, unveiled today that Matthews might have undergone a discreet wrist surgery in the summer of 2022, which potentially affected his scoring prowess the past season.

Link to Tweet by Luke Fox

Also, Matthews previously had an extensive wrist operation in August 2021. Yet, it did not seem to hinder his scoring touch in the 2021-22 campaign as he clinched the Rocket Richard with a remarkable 60 goals.

Link to Tweet by Nick Barden


With that said, the relatively minor surgery could potentially have had a more significant influence on Matthews' renowned wrist shot—deemed one of the best in the NHL. Currently, he is showcasing a shooting efficiency that is over twice as good as the previous year, clocking in at an impressive 28%. Although this might eventually normalize, it unequivocally shows that Matthews is in prime health and exhibiting peak goal-scoring prowess.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - The Truth Behind Matthews' Wrist Injury Has Been Revealed
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