RUMOUR: Leon Draisaitl on His Way Out of Edmonton Due to Jack Campbell's Contract

Published November 26, 2023 at 5:36 PM

The Edmonton Oilers, despite having two of hockey's top talents, are facing a disappointing season, with goaltending issues at the forefront and potential significant changes looming.

Speculation Over Draisaitl's Future Amid Oilers' Struggles

The Oilers' primary struggle this season has been with goaltending, particularly with Jack Campbell's underperformance. Campbell's poor play led to his demotion to the AHL, and even after a shutout in his latest game, his overall statistics offer little hope for a successful return to the NHL. This situation has sparked trade rumors, including a suggestion involving Leon Draisaitl. Hockey YouTuber Gio Palermo, known as LegoRocks99, discussed this scenario in a video, quoting a reporter:

You might have to attach a guy like Draisaitl, for crying out loud. Then they kind of share a laugh about it, and O'Dog actually says afterward, hey, you might actually need to put a guy like Draisaitl if you are trading a player like Jack Campbell away to a team that may have some playoff aspirations in the short term future.

Campbell's Struggles Cast Doubt on His NHL Future

The Oilers had hoped Campbell would regain his form in the AHL, but despite a recent shutout, his overall AHL statistics remain unimpressive. With a record of 1-4, a 3.22 goals-against average, and a .884 save percentage in five games, his performance raises questions about his viability for a return to the NHL. Despite this, there are indications the Oilers might consider recalling him, a move that has been met with skepticism by fans.

Campbell's NHL stats mirror his AHL performance, with a 1-4 record, a .873 save percentage, and a high 4.50 goals-against average. Given these challenges, the Oilers face difficult decisions, with Campbell's situation complicating an already challenging season.

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RUMOUR: Leon Draisaitl on His Way Out of Edmonton Due to Jack Campbell's Contract

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