Proposed Trade Could Boost the Maple Leafs into Stanley Cup Contenders

Published November 16, 2023 at 6:14 PM

Trade Talks Heating Up: Flames and Leafs in Discussions

Recent developments indicate that the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs have been actively discussing trade possibilities.

Notably, Flames defenseman Nikita Zadorov, who has expressed a desire to be traded, is reportedly a key figure in these talks. The Leafs' interest, however, might not be limited to Zadorov alone.

Pursuit of Flames' Defenseman Weegar by Maple Leafs

The Flames, facing a challenging season, are increasingly seen as potential sellers as the trade deadline approaches. Defenseman Nikita Zadorov, who has requested a trade, is a central figure in this narrative.

See the related tweet by Kevin Weekes:

In addition to Zadorov, another notable name from the Flames' roster is emerging: Mackenzie Weegar.


With the team poised to overhaul its lineup, Weegar, a valuable asset, might be traded for significant returns.

Toronto's Interest in Weegar: A Strategic Move?

Weegar's performance this season has been a highlight for the Flames, contributing both offensively and through leadership.

More details can be found in a tweet by NHL Flames:

However, the Leafs face a significant hurdle in acquiring Weegar due to his hefty salary of $6.25 million, extending through the 2030-31 season.

Balancing this salary within the Leafs' cap-limited budget poses a complex challenge, potentially requiring involvement from a third party.

This issue is further discussed in a tweet by Ring Of Fire CGY:

Despite the financial complexities, acquiring Weegar could substantially strengthen the Leafs' defense.

A possible trade might involve John Klingberg from the Leafs, a move that could enhance Toronto's chances in the Stanley Cup race.

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Proposed Trade Could Boost the Maple Leafs into Stanley Cup Contenders

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