Numerous Calgary Flames Players Reverse Trade Requests

Published May 5, 2023 at 6:32 PM

Just a few days ago, head coach of the Calgary flames Darryl Sutter was fired amidst controversy regarding his mistreatment of players, a mere two years after his official return to the team.

Not only do The Flames now need a new head coach, but they're also missing a GM as just two weeks prior, Brad Trevling also ended his professional relationship with The Flames.

It would be an understatement to say that The Flames currently have a lot on their plate when considering that not only are they searching for a new GM and head coach, but they also need to worry about their roster for 2023-2024.

It's easy to focus on the doom and gloom for The Flames. However, amidst all this chaos is a pretty amazing silver lining, that being in the form of several players who have since reconsidered their trade requests after the firing of Darryl Sutter. Some notable names in that several being Jonathan Huberdeau, Mikael Backlund and Elias Lindholm.

There's no guarantees on who will actually be re signed after the firing of Sutter, but according to Frank Seravalli, that will be completely up to the new general manager, the full quote can be read below:

"In talking to various people around the league that have connections to Calgary, the sentiment was any trade requests that were out there, or demands so to speak, have been rescinded now that there's been a coaching change, That, I think, opens the door for some players that might have been hesitating to eventually re-sign. That'll of course be the call of whoever's the next general manager."

This is all very exciting news, but for now, The Flames main focus point will definitely be the 2023 entry draft, where The Flames have a very small chance of moving up to the 6th overall pick.

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Numerous Calgary Flames Players Reverse Trade Requests

Will The Flames receive the 6th overall pick in the draft?

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