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Nick Suzuki's speaks out on Cole Caufield's contract talks.

Published May 29, 2023 at 2:38 PM

Kent Hughes has until July 1 to come to an agreement with young Cole Caufield, if not done, he is sure to receive an offer sheet from another team.

This matter is starting to look seriously worrying, especially as there is radio silence from both the player and the organization.

Captain Nick Suzuki was on TSN 690 this morning and was very reassuring about his teammate:

"I'm not worried about any of this and I don't think people need to worry. It's all part of the business and we still have plenty of time (for an agreement to be signed) before the season starts."

- Nick Suzuki

That's a bit of reassurance for everyone. Let's hope, however, that the agreement is for eight years, otherwise it could complicate matters for future negotiations.

Credit: Marqueur
May 29   |   103 answers
Nick Suzuki's speaks out on Cole Caufield's contract talks.

In your opinion, is Kent Hughes waiting until the draft to announce Caufield's new contract?

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