New Jersey Devils defenseman linked to Canadiens

Published May 7, 2023 at 9:01

The Tricolore has been sorely lacking in depth on the blue line this year. Blame it on injuries, but starting the season with four rookie defensemen in today's NHL is far from ideal.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, the picture doesn't look much different in Montreal, even as there is more and more talk of trading Joel Edmundson. Kent Hughes will have to do something and Marc Dumont has a proposal for him, which is to go after the future uncompensated free agent on July 1st, Damon Severson.

If this rumor is true, Damon Severson could certainly help the Habs, especially since he is a right-handed defenseman. He is a reliable and versatile player who can play big minutes and contribute offensively. He is also relatively young at 27 years old, which would align with the Habs' rebuilding strategy.

However, the decision to add a player like Severson will depend on many factors, including the team's long-term plan, other options on the free agent market, the salary cap and the availability of assets for acquisition via trade.

Ultimately, it is difficult to say for sure whether the Habs will pursue Damon Severson or any other player on the free agent market. However, it is clear that the team will be looking to improve their roster for next season as part of their rebuilding process.

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