Gary Bettman finally speaks on the new arena deal in Calgary

Published May 6, 2023 at 7:46 PM

Just a week ago, the construction of a new arena was revealed by the Calgary Flames. The deal was made between the city of Calgary, the Calgary stampede and the Alberta government for about 1.223 billion dollars. Not only will a new arena be constructed, but the surrounding infrastructure around the new arena will be vastly improved.

Yesterday, Gary Bettman finally shared his thoughts and opinions on the deal, when he was featured on the Bob McCown podcast along with Josh Shannon.

Bettman spared no time expressing his excitement about the deal and arena but also mentioned that this deal heavily relies on an election happening May 29th. The quote can be read below:

«I know that they have, their election's the end of May. There's an agreement in place finally for a new event centre. It's a testament to the passion, desire and commitment of Flames ownership to Calgary, because it hasn't been easy. And the delays over the years, between costs of construction and interest rate, has made the project much more expensive. But Flames ownership has hung in there, the city's been great under the new mayor and council, and assuming the election goes the right way at the provincial level this should be a done deal and that'll be great.»

He continues by acknowledging the hard work and effort put into this deal by all parties:

«Everybody, including the province, worked very hard to make this a reality. The province doesn't have a deal with the club, the province is working with the city on some infrastructure, which they have to do anyway. So this is another situation where you can use the opportunity for infrastructure to make something really positive happen for the community.»

In order for this deal to become a reality, it needs to be approved by not only the treasury board, but also the provincial cabinet in August, which will be long after the elections taking place May 29th, all we can do now is observe and hope for a good outcome.

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Gary Bettman finally speaks on the new arena deal in Calgary

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