NHL Coach Demands Equipment Rules Be Changed After Johnson Incident

Published October 30, 2023 at 9:35

This NHL coach is now demanding that the NHL revisit its equipment rules in light of the tragic accident that occurred to Adam Johnson.

Columbus Coach Speaks Up About Equipment Rules

After the tragic news that Adam Johnson had passed from an accident which occurred during a hockey game in England, Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Pascal Vincent has spoken up about his thoughts on the equipment rules. He believes that there is way too much risk involved not to force players to wear more protective equipment.

"What's the cost?" asked Vincent in wake of the Johnson tragedy. "I mean, you have two eyes. A neck is a very dangerous area. I don't know. I don't know what the cost is. I mean, are we more, we're males and we're strong and we have a lot of testosterones and we want to show it to the world. Yeah. Okay. But what's the cost? When you see this you're wondering, can we prevent the next one? Is there a way to prevent that? And if it's wearing the neck guard or turtle neck guard, I don't know what that is, but why not? Why not? That's how I see it."

Neckguards Will Likely Gain Momentum in Light of Accident

Vincent has a point. Is it really too much to ask players to wear a neck guard, when clearly their lives are somewhat at risk? It's likely that the movement toward wearing neckguards will become more mainstream, as many AHL players are already wearing them.

Several Providence Bruins, including John Farinacci and Fabian Lysell, wearing neck guards tonight.

Good for them. In the best interest of the players and leagues to move towards mandatory use. They're pretty noninvasive nowadays, too.

We will see if the NHL decides to make any changes regarding its rules, and if any NHL players take to wearing the neck guards voluntarily.

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NHL Coach Demands Equipment Rules Be Changed After Johnson Incident

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