Bruins Prospects Protect Themselves After Johnson Tragedy

Published October 29, 2023 at 10:20 PM

The tragic death of Adam Johnson has sent shockwaves around the hockey world.

Johnson's Death Leads Players To Protect Themselves

While Adam Johnson's death came far too early, it may not have been for nothing. A new era of player safety has already been started in the form of removing dangerous hits to the head but now equipment changes may be on the horizon.

Several players in the Bruins organization have already taken it upon themselves to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of their bodies. As the club's AHL affiliate Providence Bruins took the ice tonight, several players including top prospect Fabian Lysell were seen wearing neck protectors.

Reportedly, the NHL player's association is already working to ensure neck protection is included in the next collective bargaining agreement. At this point it is unclear whether the league will make neck protection mandatory or if they will issue standard neck protection that is mandatory.

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Bruins Prospects Protect Themselves After Johnson Tragedy

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