Adam Johnson's Teammates Address The Public After Incident

Published October 29, 2023 at 4:50 PM

The hockey world was shocked and devastated to learn that former Penguins forward Adam Johnson passed away yesterday after he suffered a fatal wound on the ice. As news of the incident spread across the internet, an outpouring of love and support came from all corners of the hockey community.

Hockey Fans Show Support For Johnson

The hockey world wants to celebrate Johnson's career and accomplishments, including his first career NHL goal. Support came from all over, including official NHL accounts.

Today, Johnson's teammates from the Nottingham Panthers joined the rest of us is mourning Johnson's passing while celebrating his career.

Nottingham Panthers Mourn Teammate

This morning, Johnson's teammates and members of the English hockey community came together to celebrate his life and to mourn his passing. Many brought flowers and other gifts to honor Johnson's memory. It was a beautiful yet tremendously sad display of camaraderie and love.

Nottingham Panthers head coach Kevin Moore made a short statement thanking the community for their support.

"We all want you to know that we're all grieving this together. The team, the community, the city, and we're all going to get through this together with a lot of love, a lot of thought, and a lot of laughter. As time goes on we're all going to heal and we're going to do it together. Our group is strong, we're connected and we're going to do you guys proud. We appreciate everybody coming out today and everybody thanks you for the support and we love you all."

Hockey Latest would like to send all of our love and support to Johnson's family, teammates, and the city of Nottingham as well as the entire EIHL community.

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Adam Johnson's Teammates Address The Public After Incident


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