Matt Murray was caught cheating yet again

Published January 9, 2023 at 2:03 PM

This isn't the first time Matt Murray has come under fire for attempting to circumvent a league rule.

When a net falls off its posts, play is immediately halted. This can be useful when confronted with a high-risk situation.

While there was no punishment when this was discussed earlier in the season, it appears Murray is back to his old tricks.

This is live game footage. While it is possible to interpret this as him attempting to repair the net during a TV timeout, it is also possible to interpret it as a deliberate attempt to knock the net off its posts or loosen it for later in the game.

Murray should probably learn not to play with his net in the middle of a game, regardless if it was intentional or not.

Source: Markerzone
January 9   |   150 answers
Matt Murray was caught cheating yet again

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