Major trade proposal between the Habs and Canucks is not met with unanimous approval

Published January 9, 2023 at 10:15

There is now just over a month left before the trade deadline. That means it won't be long before things get moving in the league and of course, the rumors are starting to swirl.

Of those rumors, regarding a trade between the Habs and Canucks is particularly interesting. Sportsnet has put together a trade proposal to bring Bo Horvat to Montreal. Of course, this deal would only be possible if the current Canucks captain agreed to sign a contract extension.

According to Sportsnet, a sensible proposal would consist of David Savard, Owen Beck, Jayden Struble, the Panthers' first round pick in 2023 and a third round pick in 2024.

Given that Horvat is a good leader, a good scorer and is effective on the faceoff and power play, the price to acquire him will undoubtedly be very high.

According to Yvon Pedneault, this proposal makes a lot of sense and he wouldn't even be surprised if Kent Hughes is already in discussions with the Canucks' GM and the Horvat clan.

"We're talking about a 28-year-old player, a captain who already has 26 goals and we're not even halfway through the NHL season!"

Despite the fact that Pedneault agrees, many fans do not. A deal done exactly as described would weaken the future of the club quite drastically. Owen Beck is seen as the next Phillip Danault, while David Savard is essential for his leadership on defense.

Jayden Struble could be sacrificed, especially with the amount of quality of left-handed defensemen there are in team, but the Panthers' first pick, which will potentially be a top 10, should yield a very good player in the draft.

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Major trade proposal between the Habs and Canucks is not met with unanimous approval

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