Carey Price in Minnesota? The CH goalie himself made some very interesting revelations

Published January 9, 2023 at 9:16

Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price was on the "Blue Pocket" podcast on Sunday night and it was very interesting.

True to his reputation, the famous number 31 was very generous with his time, in addition to delivering a unique interview with his two former teammates with the Tricolore. Obviously, this kind of content is a great moment for fans.

Among the topics discussed, Price started talking about his junior years and the NHL pre-draft process.

As reported by my colleague Vincent Fournier, there are two interesting things to note from this segment of the episode.

1) His most difficult interview was in Montreal. He even says that one person asked him to answer a question along the lines of: why do you give away a bad goal every game?


2) Carey thought he was going to get drafted by the Minnesota Wild or the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Wild drafted 4th and they ended up taking Benoit Pouliot. The CH drafted 5th and they selected Price before he went to the Blue Jackets, who eventually drafted Gilbert Brule.

- Vincent Fournier

It's really interesting honestly. So Carey was extremely surprised when the Montreal Canadiens called his name to the podium with the fifth overall pick. It must be said that there were rumors at the time that the number one Montreal pick was Pouliot, who was selected just before.

Imagine for a second if Price had been drafted by Columbus or Minnesota, it would have literally changed everything. The last 15 years of the Montreal Canadiens would have been so completely different and the legacy that he left on the city and on this team would have never existed.

It must be said that it was a brilliant decision to draft Carey Price.

Of course, it's always fascinating to look at the different possible scenarios, with the hindsight of years, to see the impact of a decision on the destiny of a franchise. It's a safe bet that the Wild probably ended up bitterly regretting their selection of Pouliot very quickly, instead of Price.

For the full segment:

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Carey Price in Minnesota? The CH goalie himself made some very interesting revelations


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