Martin St-Louis has made up his mind about his goaltenders

Published January 26, 2023 at 11:58

In the last few days, we learned that Jake Allen had been given the green light to make his return to the game.

The question now was who Martin St-Louis would put in front of the net for tonight's game against the Detroit Red Wings.

At this time, it appears that Jake Allen will be the one to start as he was doing the starting goaltender's routine at the team's morning practice.

"Jake Allen does the starting goalie routine with Eric Raymond.

So he should be back in the game against the Red Wings after eight straight starts by Samuel Montembeault." - JF Chaumont

A popular commenter hails the fact that Montembeault will finally be able to take a breather game, as he has seen a lot of action in the last few days.

"A bit of a break for Samuel Montembeault tonight. Hopefully he doesn't continually warm the end of the bench because Jake Allen is back!

Although for the lottery ticket... ;)" - Marc-Olivier Beaudoin

More details to follow.

January 26   |   79 answers
Martin St-Louis has made up his mind about his goaltenders

Who would you most like to see play now that Jake Allen is back?

Allen1113.9 %
Montembeault4354.4 %
50/502531.6 %
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