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Marc-Andre Fleury with a spectacular save against Columbus Blue Jackets' Justin Danforth.
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Marc-Andre Fleury Makes the Save of the Year in Record-Breaking Game

Published January 7, 2024 at 9:57

Marc-André Fleury wrote an important chapter of NHL history last night.

Fleury Makes the Save of the Year


In the final minutes of the game between the Minnesota Wild and the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Wild decided to remove Fleury from the game. With less than two minutes left to the game, and the Wild trailing 3-2, they opted to remove Fleury at the expense of a sixth skater.

When Fleury was rushing back to the bench, the Wild turned over the puck. Fleury turned around and hurried back to his zone, dived and made an incredible save.

Because of that remarkable save, the Wild was able to pick up the puck and score the equalizer before grabbing the win in overtime.

Check out how it happened:

Fleury Reaches Patrick Roy For 2nd Place in Most Wins for Goalies

Not only was it a spectacular save that gave the Wild the win, it was Fleury's 551st win, tallying Patrick Roy's mark at the second rank for the goalie with most wins in the NHL.


As seen on Blade of Steel - Marc-Andre Fleury makes one of the best saves of the season to help his team make epic comeback
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Marc-Andre Fleury Makes the Save of the Year in Record-Breaking Game

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