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Brad Marchand Snubs Connor Bedard Discussing Best Player In The League

Published January 7, 2024 at 8:03

These days it seems to be a foregone conclusion that Connor McDavid is the best player in the NHL. Almost everyone seems to share this opinion, except for one NHL captain.

Marchand Says Crosby Is Better Than McDavid

According to Bruins captain Brad Marchand, McDavid is not the best player in the NHL. If you ask him, Sidney Crosby can still claim that title thanks to his more complete 200-foot game.

"The young guys are getting all the attention now. There's a lot of flashy young guys coming into the league... Bedard's a heck of a player for his age, but Sid's one of the best to ever play the game, one of the top couple players in the league now and Bedard probably gets more attention than anybody."

This quote comes of as a bit jealous from Marchand as it sounds like he might be a bit envious of the media attention Connor Bedard has gotten so far in his young career. Notably, Marchand has already had a couple of interesting scuffles with Bedard in their meetings this season.

McDavid Versus Crosby: Who Is The True Goat?

Marchand's comments about Bedard are understandable. However, given the fact that Bedard is a rookie, it is understandable why he has gotten so much media attention this year. His comments about McDavid and Crosby can be argued either way though.

McDavid has already done one thing Crosby has never accomplished, a 150 point regular season. This year he's up to 53 points in 33 games, beating out Crosby's 41 points in 37 games so far.

That being said, Crosby is much older than McDavid, making his production a but more impressive.

In addition, Crosby is known for having better small details in his game, making him a more well-rounded player as Marchand points out. He always seems to do the little things correctly.

COACHES: The next time one of your top players doesn't want to buy in to playing the right way or pay attention to the details of the them this clip of Sidney Crosby winning the race to beat this icing at the end of the game. Special.

That being said, most fans would probably argue that McDavid is still the better player right now, given his unparalleled offensive production.

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Brad Marchand Snubs Connor Bedard Discussing Best Player In The League

Is Crosby still the best player in the NHL?

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