Tampa Bay Lighting head coach Jon Cooper
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BREAKING: Jon Cooper Given Minor Penalty After He Loses His Mind Yelling At Referees

Published January 6, 2024 at 9:13 PM

Jon Cooper has always been one of the more emotional head coaches in the National Hockey League and tonight he let it show. The veteran coach got himself into trouble for his most recent outburst.

Cooper Gets Minor Penalty For Hitting Referee During Argument

The Lighting head coach called the referees over to the bench after the Bruins scored to make the game 3-1. Apparently, he had some issue with a missed call prior to the goal. Instead of being calm and simply stating his opinion, he escalated things by yelling and waiving his arms around. He even hit on of the referees with a chopping-like motion during the conflict at which point the official quickly called him for a bench minor penalty for abuse of officials.

Jon Cooper looks a tiny bit upset after this call 🤬

Fans on social media were quick to make fun of the coach for his typical whiny antics finally resulting in punishment for his team instead of a gifted makeup call.

Imagine being so overdramatic that your tantrum causes your team to go on the pk (Jon Cooper can relate btw)

All of that being said, Cooper seems to have come out of this one in good shape as the officials easily could have ejected him from the game. Still though, we will have to see if the NHL hands the veteran coach a fine after this incident.

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BREAKING: Jon Cooper Given Minor Penalty After He Loses His Mind Yelling At Referees

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