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Major Turnaround for Shane Wright and the Seattle Kraken

Published December 14, 2023 at 8:21 PM

Shane Wright has been in the spotlight ever since he slipped out of the National League draft in Montreal in 2022.

He eventually slipped all the way to No. 4, being selected by the Seattle Kraken, who probably didn't expect to take Wright there.

After a modest NHL debut, he was sent back to the AHL, before captaining Canada to the traditional World Junior Hockey Championship.

Shane Wright seems to have arrived better equipped and better prepared in his 2nd camp with the Kraken. He left a very good impression.

The organization finally decided to send him to the club-school, and since then, it looks like the forward is taking off into the realms of professional hockey.

He has 16 points, including 9 goals after 18 games, and is a threat on the ice almost every night.

This bodes well for a player who seemed to be in a class of his own for the 2022 draft. A step back or to the side can do a young player a world of good...

His pace is the same as many established NHL players who have come through the AHL.
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Major Turnaround for Shane Wright and the Seattle Kraken

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