Jake Allen had a lot to say about Samuel Montembeault and the Canadiens number one goalie

Published January 25, 2023 at 9:11 PM

There is a debate going on with the Habs. An important debate, namely who is the number one goalie on the team. Martin St-Louis has always said that Jake Allen was his number one goalie, but since his injury, Samuel Montembeault has taken a lot of the spotlight and the scenario could have changed.

Indeed, the number 35 is simply in his zone since ten games. We're even starting to think that he could be the Tricolore's goalie of the future. For Jake Allen, there is no doubt about it.

Jake Allen, on Sam Montembeault: "As you can see right now, Sam is on a roll, he's on fire and I'm super happy for him. He's probably been the best in the league the last few weeks."

"Sam is a really good goalie; I knew that as soon as I saw him last year. I'm glad he's getting a chance to really open his eyes."

"Sam has fit in well with this group - this group that wants to take this team to the next level where the Montreal Canadiens want to go. He could really be their goalie of the future."

"To see Sam play like that - and being a Quebecer, it's even more important to him, so it's really impressive."

"I really want to see him finish the season on a high note and continue to improve. I don't think he should be satisfied with that - I think there's a high ceiling for him ... when he plays well, you can see how good he can be."

"Every time I go in front of the net - I don't know when yet - but I'll get there and be myself... I want Sam to keep rolling and be on fire. If Sam keeps rolling and playing as much, it's better for this team so that's how I approach it..."

"Whenever they tell me to play, I'll be ready to play and the same thing for Sam. Like I said; it's all about the team right now and that's what Marty [St. Louis] preaches and I see it that way too.... It's the team, the number one priority."

"I understand the situation, I'm realistic - I'm not going to be the goalie of the future, but at the same time I want to see this team succeed whether it's Sam [Montembeault], Cole [Caufield], Suzy [Nick Suzuki] or whoever. I want them to win for a long time!"

- Jake Allen

It says a lot about Jake's leadership that he wants to be able to help as much as he can, for the future of the Montreal Canadiens. A true gentleman!

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Jake Allen had a lot to say about Samuel Montembeault and the Canadiens number one goalie

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