Gary Bettman directly attacks the fans with the addition of new ads and it's causing a lot of chatter

Published December 14, 2022 at 4:21 PM

In a press conference yesterday, as part of the NHL Governors' meeting in Florida, Commissioner Gary Bettman made several statements that caused a huge reaction, and rightly so.

After announcing that the salary cap would only increase by $1 million next year, the Commissioner answered many questions and several of his answers were particularly controversial.

First, he said that fans have no problem with the addition of ads on jerseys.

"According to a survey, fans have no problem with advertising logos on jerseys, according to Gary Bettman." - Renaud Lavoie

Already there, I highly doubt the veracity of his "poll", given the shockwave it had caused throughout the NHL, when the teams' partnerships with various companies were announced.

If at least the ads on the jerseys are not a problem, being sowed on the jersey and not virtual, we can't say the same about the famous digital ads on the boards which are a total disaster. Bettman made a statement that makes no sense at all on this subject.

Again, I don't know where he got his survey, but Bettman said that fans found the games more enjoyable to watch, thanks to this digital addition.

"Bettman says the backlash from the digital ads on the boards is not a "problem," as their polls indicate that fans are finding the games more enjoyable to watch since these new digital ads replaced the physical ads (on the boards)." - Greg Wyshynski, ESPN

The latter even added a very questionable layer, to the effect that it worked extraordinarily well!

"The surveys we do with our fans tell us it's not a problem. Many think it looks better than having the many logos on the bands. It works extraordinarily well." - Gary Bettman

Where it started to go off the rails in his statements was when he bluntly attacked the detractors of digital ads:

"If what you're doing is just looking at the boards during the games - which I assume you do if you're constantly talking about it - well then, probably you consider it a distraction for you.

If you're watching the game, it's not a distraction." - Gary Bettman

I'm not sure what's worse between the commissioner taking direct aim at fans who don't like the new digital ads, or the fact that he's trying to sell us on the fact that fans like the new ad ad ad ad additions, according to the NHL's "surveys" to that effect.

Let's remember here the many problems that are very far from making a game enjoyable to watch:

But in Gary Bettman's eyes, it works extraordinarily well and it's more enjoyable to watch the games this way.

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Gary Bettman directly attacks the fans with the addition of new ads and it's causing a lot of chatter

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