An absurd acquisition proposal involving Cole Caufield and the Philadelphia Flyers is making the rounds on the web

Published December 14, 2022 at 2:09 PM

Let's face it, it seems like there are people in Philadelphia who smoke some good stuff.

A site that covers the Philadelphia Flyers has put out a completely ridiculous proposal for the brotherly love team to make a hostile offer to Cole Caufield this summer.

Yes yes, the same Flyers who ignored Caufield at their draft pick, 14th overall, in the 2019 draft in favor of Cam York.

In and of itself, a hostile offer is a tool that can be used by NHL GMs to try to pry a restricted free agent from another team. This idea makes sense until you look at the compensation the Flyers would have to provide to the Habs, should the offer not be matched by Kent Hughes.

Knowing that Philly no longer has their next two second round picks, that means it would be an offer above $10.503M per season, or an offer below $6.3M. It should be noted that it is absolutely certain that Caufield would never accept an offer of less than $6.3M from the Tricolore, let alone via a hostile offer.

In fact, the title of the article says it all: "The Flyers should make a hostile offer to acquire Cole Caufield".

So, from what we understand of their proposal, it is that their plan would be to offer 74 million dollars, for 7 years, to Cole Caufield, to bring him with the Flyers. We are talking about a contract worth $10.503M per year.

Such a hostile offer would mean that the Flyers would give away their four first round picks for the next four years. This makes absolutely no sense!

They explain their "brilliant" reasoning that it would redeem their mistake of drafting Cam York instead of Caufield. They explain that Montreal and Philadelphia have a known history with hostile offers, and that this would be realistic.

We highly doubt it, especially since the Flyers would have a huge payroll to work with, as they can't accommodate a $10.503M contract next year with the roster they currently have.

We bring this up just for your entertainment and to illustrate that some teams would pay big money to acquire a young star like Caufield.

For the hilarious details of the article in question:

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An absurd acquisition proposal involving Cole Caufield and the Philadelphia Flyers is making the rounds on the web

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