Guy Boucher gets called out by his former player Chris Neil

Published December 14, 2022 at 11:10

While appearing on the Cam and Strick podcast, former Ottawa Senators player Chris Neil went on a rant about one of his former head coaches, Guy Boucher.

According to the former Sens brawler, before he officially announced his retirement in 2017, he had received offers from a few teams, including the Montreal Canadiens.

However, the latter mentions that he was not interested in moving his family, even though Montreal is close to Ottawa.

However, Neil simply stated that he would have liked to play often against the Senators at that time, as he could have thrown pucks at his former coach. He said it as bluntly as that!

"Montreal was really interested in me, so I could have played against the Senators a lot and I could have thrown pucks at Boucher on the bench." - Chris Neil

So we can deduce that Boucher is directly linked to Neil's departure, because clearly, these two didn't get along. Clearly, the former NHL pest would have possibly played one more season, had he received a contract offer from the Senators.

The latter even made the major revelation that Boucher did not have his locker room in Ottawa. This is without a doubt the worst insult to make to a head coach and Neil mentioned it publicly.

It's clear that the man who will see his No. 25 jersey retired by the Senators next February still holds a lot of grudges against his former coach.

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Guy Boucher gets called out by his former player Chris Neil

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