Concrete trade proposal between the CH and the Canucks: Brock Boeser is involved

Published December 14, 2022 at 9:56

As the saying goes: all roads lead to Rome. Well, in the NHL it's kind of the same thing, as all the trade rumors lead to the Habs. The name of Brock Boeser has been linked to the Tricolore for several days, but we had no concrete proposal on a possible transaction for him.

Several experts, including Elliotte Friedman and Darren Dreger, have confirmed the CH's interest in Boeser, who had even tried to acquire him before trading Alexander Romanov for Kirby Dach.

Finally, we have a proposal, as The Score's John Matisz revealed a concrete offer from the Habs that could possibly land the 25-year-old winger in Montreal.

"A team could acquire Brock Boeser for as little as a second or third round pick, based on the information I have." - John Matisz

Wow that's a great price to add a solid top-6 forward.

IN MONTREAL - Brock Boeser

At VANCOUVER - Second or third round pick.

If Matisz's asking price is indeed the Canucks' asking price, it would definitely be a very big move for Kent Hughes to take. Plus, it would confirm Elliott Friedman's comments that the Canucks know they won't get a big return for Boeser by trading him in the middle of the season, but they're fine with that. Their primary goal would be to liquidate as much salary as possible, according to the tipster.

We're talking about a good-sized winger at 6-foot-1 and 210 pounds. The 2015 first-round pick has one of the best shots in the NHL and his potential is still very high. He is certainly a consistent scorer of 25 goals and over 60 points per season.

There would certainly be work for Hughes to do to accommodate the Habs' payroll for this season with the $6.65M Boeser commands, but there is a real golden opportunity for a GM to acquire a good player, at a low price.

Do you think Kent Hughes should try to acquire Boeser at this price?

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Concrete trade proposal between the CH and the Canucks: Brock Boeser is involved

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