Major Declaration: Geoff Molson denies a big rumor about the Nordiques that implicates him and it's causing a stir

Published December 14, 2022 at 3:53 PM

In a press briefing yesterday, while at the NHL Governors' meeting in Palm Beach, Florida, Geoff Molson denied a big rumor that has been circulating for a long time about him.

When asked about his opinion on a possible return of the Nordiques, Molson mentioned that he would absolutely support Quebec City's bid, if it is ever put on the table.

Contrary to some speculations that the Canadiens' big boss was putting obstacles in the way of a potential return of a franchise to Quebec City, Molson assures that he is "FOR" the return of the Nordiques.

Here is what Renaud Lavoie reported via his Twitter feed:

"It's true that the League has no plans under consideration to bring NHL hockey back to Quebec City, but I still want to reiterate that I and the Montreal Canadiens are not only open to a return of hockey to Quebec City, but we want it!" - Geoff Molson

It should be remembered that a little over five years ago, NHL officials had put an end to Quebec City's bid, rather inexplicably, by doing virtually no follow-up, following the construction of the Videotron Center.

New team opportunities in Quebec City?

There are two upcoming opportunities in the National League that could potentially unlock possibilities for Quebec City to finally get a new franchise.

On the one hand, tipster Chris Johnston has taken the hockey world by surprise, revealing that the Bettman circuit is reportedly planning to eventually add new expansion teams, sooner than expected, due to the resounding success of Vegas and Seattle.

Also, there is a referendum planned in Tampa next May. Things could well change for the Coyotes franchise, because even if Gary Bettman doesn't want to move the franchise, he could be forced to do so if the citizens of the city refuse the creation of a new amphitheater.

The Coyotes are currently playing in a university arena with only 5,000 seats, until the franchise gets approval from the city to build a real NHL arena.

That being said, there are always opportunities for Nordiques fans and without necessarily wanting to rekindle hope for one of these scenarios, Molson felt it was important to set the record straight by confirming that if the opportunity presented itself, the Tricolore would advocate for the Nordiques' return.

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Major Declaration: Geoff Molson denies a big rumor about the Nordiques that implicates him and it's causing a stir

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