NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman faces the media.
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Gary Bettman Screws the Fans Once Again After Latest Announcement

Published January 16, 2024 at 3:53 PM

Despite constantly being referred to as one of the most entertaining sports in the world, the NHL, hockey's biggest league continues to make questionable decisions, and unfortunately, that didn't change on Tuesday.

Gary Bettman screws the fans once more

After returning to ESPN following years on other networks, the NHL has clearly made the wrong decision, and the latest announcement is just another example of that;

ESPN has confirmed that it is now removing NHL games from on-demand ESPN+ after 30 days, officially making it a worse product than the one it replaced, NHL dot TV.

It's no longer possible in any way to legally watch an NHL game that is more than a month old if you are in the US

The comments of that post feature several people questioning why you would want to watch old games, but for writers, people in analytics and fans that want to relive fun memories, this is a slap in the face.

Sure, the NHL has grown in leaps and bounds over the past twenty years, with more teams and more of a global presence, but given the work that the NFL, NBA and MLB do in accommodating fans, this is just another disappointment for hockey fans.

There's no explanation from ESPN or Bettman as to why this move has been made, but for fans watching on ESPN+, this is certainly something that will only hurt their experience.
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Gary Bettman Screws the Fans Once Again After Latest Announcement

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