Daniel Amesbury after a fight pointing his finger at an opposing player.
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Popular Enforcer Banned from League For Repeat Suspensions

Published January 16, 2024 at 11:02

This popular enforcer has been effectively banned from playing in this league, for repeat suspensions. Their reasoning may or may not be justified, either.

Amesbury Suspended Indefinitely For Repeat Suspensions

The pure enforcer is becoming a rare breed in hockey. This is probably for two reasons, the game morphing into a skill and speed game that enforcers purely can't keep up with, and Leagues taking extra measures to protect their players' safety.

Daniel Amesbury is feeling the brunt of the extinction of enforcers. The popular tough guy in the Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL) was just given an indefinite suspension, effectively a ban, from the league due to his repeat suspensions and way of playing the game.

Here is what the FPHL had to say about their decision.

"Effective immediately, the FPHL has decided to place Daniel Amesbury on an Indefinite Suspension from the league. He will no longer be allowed to participate in any practices or on ice functions at any capacity with any team in the FPHL. This decision has come after much discussion over the past few weeks with members of our league Board of Governors, attorney's, & FPHL Staff. The leagues dedication to improving player safety comes first and foremost. The FPHL has the right to deny any personnel from participating in FPHL games if its deemed in the best interest of the league."

Amesbury Has a History of Playing Just for the Penalties

Amesbury doesn't do much on the ice in terms of production, probably because he spends most of the game in the penalty box. This season alone, Amesbury has played in just 9 games but has racked up 72 minutes in penalties. Last season was no different, with 298 penalty minutes in 29 games played.

Amesbury was clearly crossing the line of what the game of hockey is about, playing for what seems to be just the ability to drop the gloves. However, that line is constantly shifting.

Do you think the FPHL was right to suspend him indefinitely?

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Popular Enforcer Banned from League For Repeat Suspensions

Do you think the FPHL was right to suspend him indefinitely?

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