Former Predator Player Makes Dirty Move on Ex Teammate and All Hell Broke Lose

Published December 8, 2023 at 10:04

In the closing moments of the Lightning-Predators game, chaos erupted due to Auston Watson's unsportsmanlike conduct, leading to a brawl.

Watson's Controversial Slapshot Targets Lauzon in Lopsided Game Finale


There's little rationale behind taking a direct slapshot to an opponent's leg when your team is winning 5-1, but that didn't deter Austin Watson during the Predators' recent game. In the final seconds of the matchup, Watson unleashed a vicious slapshot at Jeremy Lauzon's leg, causing Lauzon to crumble and triggering a brawl among players.

Austin Watson drilled Jeremy Lauzon with a slap shot at the very end of tonight's game.

Not sure what he was thinking. Brutal.

Watson received two misconduct penalties in the waning moments of the game. Fortunately for the Predators, Lauzon managed to leave the ice on his own.

Watson Provoked Controversy Throughout the Entire Third Period

This incident wasn't the first time Watson had incited tensions in the game against his former teammates. Approximately ten minutes before the slapshot incident, Watson engaged in a fight with Cole Smith.

Austin Watson and Cole Smith drop the gloves. 🧤

Perhaps it was these earlier altercations that had Watson's emotions running high late in the game. Nevertheless, the slapshot was a malicious act that has no place in the sport of hockey, as its sole purpose appears to be causing injury.

We await further developments to see if any supplementary disciplinary actions will be taken in response to this incident.

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Former Predator Player Makes Dirty Move on Ex Teammate and All Hell Broke Lose

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