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NHL insider Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet discussing hockey news and rumors.
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Elliotte Friedman Gives A Major Update Regarding The Events That Led To Corey Perry's Termination

Published January 12, 2024 at 4:14 PM

A new clip of Elliotte Friedman speaking about the Corey Perry situation in Chicago has given major context to what happened. While speaking about Perry he confirms the incident was not as major as some rumors portrayed it to be.

Friedman Gives Major Update Regarding Perry's Contract Termination

During his 32 Thoughts Podcast, Elliotte Friedman spoke about Corey Perry and the Chicago Blackhawks. After an investigation, Perry was given the green light to sign with a new team. Friedman believes that other teams would not have reacted so definitively to the events that led to Perry's release.

Interesting part on Elliott Friendmans 32TP.

«There is definitely a feeling here that if this had happened on any other team (besides the Chicago Blackhawks) it might not of led to a contract termination» (regarding Corey Perry terminated contract with the Hawks)

Perry is now reportedly in talks with several teams in hopes of signing a contract soon. Multiple teams are doing their own investigations to see if this is an isolated incident or a pattern for Perry in the past.

Teams Investigate Perry As His Return Draws Near

A report from NHL insider and ESPN reporter Emily Kaplan confirmed multiple teams are discussing signing Perry. The teams interested are digging extra deep into Perry to make sure that there is nothing else beyond the incident in Chicago.

On Corey Perry... several teams are exploring signing the veteran for the second half of the season.

Not sure if it will happen, but there's interest. I know at least one team doing major due dilligence to see if there were other incidents besides what happened in Chicago.

Assuming nothing else comes up Corey Perry will likely be signed before the NHL trade deadline. It will be interesting to see if the interested teams are mostly contenders or some out of the playoff mix as well.
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Elliotte Friedman Gives A Major Update Regarding The Events That Led To Corey Perry's Termination

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