Reports Emerge That Corey Perry Could be a Leaf As Early as Next Week

Published January 12, 2024 at 12:11

Corey Perry might be making an unexpected comeback to the NHL sooner than anticipated following the termination of his contract with the Chicago Blackhawks earlier this year. Major links with a top Canadian team emerged earlier today.

Perry Cleared for NHL Comeback After Contract Termination

Corey Perry has recently been cleared by the NHL to sign with a team. This announcement sparked immediate speculation about where the veteran could end up signing.

In his only public statement since his contract termination, Perry acknowledged his battle with alcoholism. With this admission and the lingering questions surrounding the circumstances of his termination in Chicago, any team signing him knows that it won't be that easy.


Potential Deal on the Horizon for Corey Perry in Toronto?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have reportedly shown interest in Perry.

According to former Maple Leaf Carlo Colaiacovo, the interest is mutual.

"My understanding is that there is mutual interest between the Leafs and Corey Perry."

Joining the Maple Leafs could place Perry under intense scrutiny, given the city's market.

However, Elliotte Friedman added new details about Perry's termination:

"There is definitely a feeling here that if this had happened on any other team (besides the Chicago Blackhawks) it might not of led to a contract termination" (regarding Corey Perry terminated contract with the Hawks)

Considering this, maybe Perry wouldn't generate that much controversy when he signs with a team, even if it's the Maple Leafs.

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Reports Emerge That Corey Perry Could be a Leaf As Early as Next Week

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