Veteran Corey Perry aims up for the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Report: Western Canadian Team Not Interested In Corey Perry

Published January 11, 2024 at 5:33 PM

Yesterday, news broke that Corey Perry met with Commissioner Gary Bettman, clearing him to return to the NHL, and unsurprisingly, his name is making its way around the NHL.

Vancouver Canucks not interested in veteran Perry


While there was bound to be some teams intrigued by the idea of Perry, there was also expected to be many teams that would hold no interest at all, and unsurprisingly, the Vancouver Canucks are the latter.

Dhaliwal also says as of today, Canucks aren't discussing Corey Perry.

With a forward group that boasts a brilliant mix of youth and experience with superstar potential all over, there's just no room for a veteran like Perry.

A locker room problem will likely turn several teams off

There's never been official confirmation of what exactly happened with Perry, but given GM Kyle Davidson's comments that he engaged in conduct that is unacceptable, and in violation of both the terms of his standard player's contract and the Blackhawks' internal policies intended to promote professional and safe work environments, it's unlikely that many teams will be interested.

The Canucks appear to be solely focused on their chase of a Stanley Cup in 2023-24, and while a player like Perry could have helped in recent years, this team is just too deep and things are running too well right now to even entertain the idea.
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Report: Western Canadian Team Not Interested In Corey Perry

Will Perry land on a contender for the rest of this season?

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