Leon Draisaitl skating during a game against the Nashville Predators.
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Insider Reveals Five Teams Going After Oilers Star Leon Draisaitl In Free Agency

Published January 12, 2024 at 1:51 PM

This NHL insider has just revealed the list of teams that Leon Draisaitl could sign with if he should choose to test out free agency when his contract expires.

Draisaitl Says He Will Do What Is Best For Him When Contract Is Up

Leon Draisaitl has been the Oilers' right-hand man to Connor McDavid over the past several years, and the duo has been incredible. It is hard to imagine McDavid without Draisaitl on his line, however, that may just become a reality.

Draisaitl's contract is due to expire after next season, which is still some time away. However, negotiations on a potential extension are likely to occur throughout the summer and into next year, and Draisaitl has already said he is going to do what is best for his family.

While there isn't any reason to believe Draisaitl is considering leaving Edmonton, Drai stated he was going to do «what's best for him» when his current contract is up, not giving any real answer when he was asked about re-signing.

Mark Spector Links 5 Teams To Draisaitl in Potential Free Agency

Even though it is early, Mark Spector has revealed the 5 potential teams that would go after Draisaitl if he were to hit the free market. Even though this is a ways away, Spector believes that the following teams would be of consideration to Draisaitl.

In his recent article, Mark Spector lists the Vegas Golden Knights, Los Angeles Kings, Boston Bruins, New York Islanders and New York Rangers as teams that superstar F Leon Draisaitl could consider if he were to leave the Edmonton Oilers when his current contract is up.

We still have a long time before the negotiations for an extension start, however, it's clear that if this contract does go to expiration, there will be a new era ushered in in Edmonton.
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Insider Reveals Five Teams Going After Oilers Star Leon Draisaitl In Free Agency

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