Edmonton Oilers Linked To A Blockbuster Trade By NHL Insider

Published November 9, 2023 at 2:34 PM

The Edmonton Oilers have had an atrocious start to the season by their standards. This has led to some major panic among the fanbase and calls for major shakeups.

Oilers Shake Up Their Lineup After Horrendous Start

The Edmonton Oilers made a drastic move a few days ago after their bad start to the season. They put veteran goalie Jack Campbell on waivers just 2 years into his 5-year contract.

#Oilers roster move

Goaltender Jack Campbell has been placed on waivers for the purpose of assignment.


With this move, the Oilers signaled their clear need for a top-caliber goaltender. Since the move the trade market rumors have heated up significantly surrounding the Oilers.

One prominent NHL insider went through the realistic options that the Oilers could look at on the market.

Oilers Linked To A Goalie In Blockbuster Trade

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman once again had has 32 Thoughts Podcast. During this episode, a segment was dedicated to the Oilers. He talked about several high-profile names that could be in consideration by the Edmonton Oilers.

I do think they are contemplating things, looking at several options. There've been reports of Jordan Binnington, but unless the Blues are giving up on the season, they need to replace him and won't be taking Campbell. Binnington's also a $6-million cap hit, which would take quite a bit of finagling.

Not impossible, but challenging. They've talked to Montreal — which doesn't need a goalie — about the possibility of Jake Allen, but I don't sense anything imminent.

Watching Juuse Saros almost single-handedly beat the Flames on Tuesday reminds that he's the true prize, but in addition to any return, it might cost the team an 18-wheeler full of Alberta crude and media-meal perogies.

The options laid out by Friedman all have their advantages and disadvantages.


First looking at Binnington he could be acquired for potentially the lowest price of the options listed. He does have a high cap hit and struggles with inconsistency. With all of these things in mind, he is unlikely to be the most desired option.


The option that could be considered the most boring yet possible is Jake Allen. Allen does have a relatively low cap hit. He also would not take a lot to acquire from the Montreal Canadiens. Allen is the least likely to solve the problem though. He struggles to find consistency much like the recently waived Campbell.


The best but most expensive option is Juuse Saros. Saros has been consistently in the Vezina Trophy conversation over the last three seasons. He is on a struggling team the Nashville Predators. This means he is likely available for trade. The trade would cost significant assets to bring him in as he is a highly desirable player.

As the Oilers situation gets more desperate they will need to decide if a trade is necessary. Then the Oilers would need to decide how much they are willing to give up to chase a Stanley Cup.

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Edmonton Oilers Linked To A Blockbuster Trade By NHL Insider

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