Controversial situation: Nick Suzuki in hot water?

Published December 13, 2022 at 12:54

A controversial situation involving Nick Suzuki is currently raging.

During last night's game, Habs captain Nick Suzuki took a hard hit on Calgary Flames' Nazem Kadri at center ice.

While the contact seemed completely accidental, much like the one on Cole Caufield earlier in the game, it seems that it was not in the eyes of everyone.

Check out the footage in question:

"Is that Nick Suzuki hit on Nazem Kadri a suspendable act?" - Tim and Friends

After painfully getting to his feet, Kadri seemed to regain his form rather quickly as he was furious about the sequence and demanded a five-minute penalty on Suzuki.

"You better give him a five!"

So the Habs' No. 14 could have a discussion with the NHL's security department, if a TV network like Sportsnet raises the issue.

More details will follow.

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Controversial situation: Nick Suzuki in hot water?

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