Major statement from Alex Kovalev on his departure from Montreal

Published December 13, 2022 at 10:17

Alex Kovalev had some great years in Montreal. He was the last player to reach the 80 point mark with the organization.

Georges Laraque had the chance to play with the former number 27 of the Tricolore and the two men kept in touch. Laraque asked Kovalev beforehand if he would join him on his radio show on Monday and the answer was positive.

Georges had a pretty straightforward question right off the bat:

"When you left Montreal, the fans were not happy. They protested strongly. They loved you in Montreal, they called you the artist. If you could go back, would you have stayed in Montreal?"

Kovalev answered in the most transparent way:

"It was a big mistake I made. Maybe people thought it was my agent's fault, but it was mine. I wanted to go out and get more money, I felt I had done a lot for this organization. So I waited, but no team would give me more than what I was already making. By dint of waiting, the Canadiens withdrew from the race, so I accepted the Senators' offer, which was the same as Montreal's."

It still takes courage to admit that he was too greedy and that it finally turned against him. Nevertheless, we have fond memories of him in Montreal and we are still waiting for our next 80-point player.
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Major statement from Alex Kovalev on his departure from Montreal

Who do you think is the next Habs player to reach 80 points?

Nick Suzuki8665.6 %
Cole Caufield2619.8 %
Kirby Dach53.8 %
The player is not in the organization1410.7 %
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