Connor Bedard in Montreal: A journalist just slapped CH fans in the face

Published December 27, 2022 at 11:43

With the Montreal Canadiens' more disappointing performance of late, which has seen the club slide into the bottom third of the overall standings, fans of the club are directing their eyes towards the 2023 draft lottery and the possibility of getting their hands on Connor Bedard.

Prior to Martin St. Louis' surprising start, the CH was labeled as a club that would battle for the best odds in the lottery. Being in a rebuilding process, it was obvious that the Tricolore did not have the numbers to compete for a playoff spot.

However, according to TSN analyst Eric Macramalla, the Habs and their fans will have to take their lumps about the possibility of getting their hands on the first overall pick again this year.

According to him, the fight for Connor Bedard will be between six teams, and the CH would not be among them.

"The race for Conor Bedard is a six-team race between the Blackhawks, Ducks, Jackets, Sharks, Coyotes and Flyers. The Canadiens don't have a realistic chance. As a fan of the Canadiens, are you disappointed?" Eric Macramalla

I have absolutely no idea why he so distinctly dismisses the Habs from the picture.

As of this writing, the CH is sitting with the 8th and 9th best lottery odds for Connor Bedard. This means that Kent Hughes currently has a 6% chance of getting the first pick with his own selection, and a 5% chance with the one coming from the Panthers.

If we combine the two, it means that the CH currently has an 11% chance of getting Bedard. With the two first round picks, Hughes has the 4th best odds, behind Chicago (18.5%), Anaheim (13.5%) and Columbus (11.5%).


Moreover, if we take into account the lottery for the first two picks in total, the Tricolore has a 22.4% chance of drafting in the first two. That's almost one chance in four to draft in the top-2 for the Habs.

It is true that the season is still very young and both the CH and the Panthers can change their current destiny. However, there is a very real reality for both teams and that is that they both have one of the toughest schedules to play in the NHL, according to We can note that the Habs have the 2nd toughest remaining schedule in the NHL, while the Panthers have the 5th toughest schedule.


So I completely disagree with the TSN analyst's comments. The Habs have a very real chance to get their hands on Connor Bedard, if the trend continues and even more so if the losses continue to pile up for the Habs and Florida.

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Connor Bedard in Montreal: A journalist just slapped CH fans in the face

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