Shocking announcement for Arber Xhekaj to come?

Published December 27, 2022 at 10:39

In a few weeks, we will already be talking about the famous NHL All-Star Game, and unless there is a surprise, the Montreal Canadiens should possibly be well represented by Cole Caufield and/or Nick Suzuki.

The show will be very interesting for the Tricolore fans.

A surprise to come from the Canadiens?

Speaking of an interesting show, Sportsnet reporter Jeff Marek, has just provided a new piece of information that could change everything. According to him, fans will have a big role to play in selecting players for the 2023 All-Star Game.

"Marek, at intermission, said fans will play a big role in determining the All-Star rosters with online voting.

Who will be the John Scott 2.0?"

It's worth remembering that famous 2016 edition, which was the year John Scott was invited thanks to the popular vote. His candidacy had blown up, as every hockey fan who voted rallied for Scott to participate.

With that in mind, observer Scott Matla dropped an idea that we particularly love.

"It will be Arber Xhekaj! (this year)" - Scott Matla

As you know, young Arber Xhekaj is exceedingly popular, not just among Montreal Canadiens fans, but across the NHL.

Imagine if fans voted in large numbers to send "Wifi" to the 2023 NHL All-Star Game! I have to say, it would be absolutely incredible!

Do you like the idea?

December 27   |   59 answers
Shocking announcement for Arber Xhekaj to come?

Would you vote for Arber Xhekaj to play in the All-Star Game, as John Scott did in 2016?

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No1525.4 %
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