Andrei Markov breaks the silence on a possible Canadiens ceremony for him

Published December 26, 2022 at 11:12 PM

As you know, P.K. Subban will be honoured by the Canadiens on January 12 at the Bell Centre. This is a great initiative from the organization, as the former number 76 was an important member of the team for several seasons, in addition to having been a model of involvement in the community.

The only negative thing that came out of this announcement is that a former monument on defense seems to have been forgotten. Indeed, Andrei Markov played 990 games in the NHL, all of them in the tricolour uniform. He allowed all of his blue line mates to be a better player during his time there.

Journalist Marc-André Perreault wanted to set the record straight on this. The Habs did not fail to invite Markov, but the political situation in Russia is simply not favorable right now.

"The Canadiens intend to pay tribute to Markov. Yes, his time in Montreal ended in a blip. We would have liked to see him reach the 1,000-game mark here."

"But he did a lot for the CH and what we're hearing is that the political environment in Russia may not be ideal for Markov to travel right now. That's unfortunate. He's also a coach there, so a trip to Montreal just didn't fit into his schedule these days." - Marc-Andre Perreault

Nevertheless, the former No. 79 got word that the Habs intended to honor him and his reaction was quite positive.

"Markov was really touched by the club's initiative. If all goes well, his tribute will happen in the medium term." - Marc-Andre Perreault

The Habs organization really seems to want to do things the right way and given the precarious situation in Russia, we really understand why it's not possible to honor Markov right now. One thing is for sure, the team's intentions are good and it's only a matter of time.


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Andrei Markov breaks the silence on a possible Canadiens ceremony for him

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