Five players officially placed on the trade market including one surprise

December 26, 2022  (3:03 PM)

With January just around the corner, negotiations between the various General Managers will gradually begin to intensify. Expect to see some action and discussion in the coming weeks.

According to NHL analysts, here are five players who could be involved in big trades between now and the deadline.
Five players who would officially be on the trade market:
1. Bo Horvat
This is definitely the end for the Canucks captain. The latter turned down a final offer from his organization and Vancouver is more willing than ever to trade their player to the highest bidder now.
Horvat, 27, has 35 points, including 24 goals, in 33 games this season. He is absolutely sensational, just in time to become a free agent at the end of the year.
2. Jakob Chychrun
If there's one certainty in Arizona, it's that Jakob Chychrun will be traded. The question is not "if" Chychrun will be traded, but "when" will he be traded. The Coyotes' GM has made no secret of the fact that the talented defenseman is available. The only problem is that the asking price is extremely high. This greatly affects the outcome of negotiations.
Chychrun has been solid this season as well. He has 13 points in 16 games with the Coyotes in 2022-23.
3. Sean Monahan
We are familiar with this record. With Monahan's solid performances this year, it becomes very enticing for Kent Hughes to trade his center, even though he's been providing very good field hockey for the CH. He will receive some very tempting trade offers between now and March.
Would a 2023 first round pick for Monahan do it?
There is always the option of re-signing him, but given his injury history and salary demands that may be on the rise due to his current season, he could become a big financial risk for the club's management.
4. John Klingberg
The 30-year-old offensive defenseman will almost certainly be traded by the deadline. His contract runs out at the end of the year, and the Ducks are going to want to get a return since he won't be back in Anaheim next year.
5. Patrick Kane
He, too, has an expiring contract at the end of this campaign and will likely want an opportunity to play for a more competitive team than the Blackhawks to finish his career.
It's a surprise to see him this high on the charts, especially considering his recent comments, but there's no doubt that the Hawks will want to make the return of their star player profitable, as he could be a big part of the team's rebuild.
Special mention for Joel Edmundson.
The veteran defenseman seems to be less and less in the Tricolore's plans, due to the depth on the left side of the defense. He remains an excellent defensive defenseman with a Stanley Cup ring to his credit, and who earns a reasonable salary.
He could become a "Ben Chiarot 2023" for Kent Hughes.
It promises to be interesting in the NHL soon.

Credit: HabsetLNH.com
Five players officially placed on the trade market including one surprise

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