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Concerning Details Emerge Regarding Valeri Nichushkin's Hotel Room Incident

Published May 4, 2023 at 4:26 PM

If you follow hockey closely, chances are you've caught wind of the ongoing situation regarding Colorado Avalanche star Valeri Nichushkin. The Russian forward was a massive part of Colorado's cup win last year, and was looking to help his team do the same this post-season before he suddenly left the team for personal reasons halfway through their first round series against Seattle. More details are starting to come out surrounding Nichushkin's leave, and it doesn't look good.

Alcohol Poisoning or Drugged? Woman Found With Nichushkin Hospitalized


It was first revealed a few weeks back that Val Nichushkin would be taking a leave of absence from the Avalanche for what the team described as "personal reasons". Nothing else was stated at the time, and it left fans puzzled as to why so little would be revealed by the team. Reporters did some digging and found that Nichushkin had been found with an intoxicated woman in his hotel room in Seattle, and that the woman was so intoxicated that she had to be taken to the hospital.

It's just now been revealed by Geoff Baker that the woman in question (whose identity remains unknown) was either suffering from severe alcohol poisoning or having her drink spiked. Neither is acceptable in any way, and the implications that this new revelation has on Nichushkin's career is scary to say the least. He could face serious charges if he's found guilty of any wrongdoing to this woman, and could face discipline from the league itself.

The initial call to the police was reportedly made by the Avalanche's team physician, who told authorities the following.

«We suspect someone might have OD'd on alcohol potentially or something got mixed in a drink, we don't know yet,»

Hopefully the woman who got mixed up in all of this is alright, but very little is known about her or her wellbeing.

As Seen on House of Hockey - BREAKING: Staggering Update Emerges About Woman Found in Nichushkin's Hotel Room
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Concerning Details Emerge Regarding Valeri Nichushkin's Hotel Room Incident

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