Brad Marchand shuts up reporter regarding the Trevor Zegras situation

Published January 30, 2023 at 4:31 PM

A few days ago, Trevor Zegras was the league's target after his disgusting comments to Troy Stretcher. He is currently one of the most despised athletes on the planet.

The hockey community went bonkers when he pointed to the skies and made a reference to Troy Stecher's late father during a scrum. Brad Marchand, another despised athlete in the league shared his thoughts on the situation.

When journalist Craig Morgan suggested that this was just a misunderstanding and that Zegras had not made any mention of Stecher's father, Marchand replied emphatically:

I can confirm via the Coyotes that Anaheim forward Trevor Zegras did not say anything about Troy Stecher's father during their dust-up last night but, per a team source, he crossed the line with «some very inappropriate comments.»
Stecher has declined comment on the topic.

Marchand replied with:

Shut your pie hole Craig

Marchand seems to not believe a word the insider is saying. Stecher's reaction says it all, it is very rarely that we see an NHL player get this instigated from «trash talking». If Zegras did indeed say those words, he would have lost all
respect from his fellow teammates and opposition players.
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Brad Marchand shuts up reporter regarding the Trevor Zegras situation

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