BREAKING: NHL Team Becomes First To Enforce Neck Protection Mandate

Published October 31, 2023 at 3:37 PM

Adam Johnson's sudden and tragic death has sent shockwaves throughout the hockey world. Now there is more emphasis on player safety as some teams are taking things into their own hands.

Penguins Mandate Neck Protection

According to Penguins head coach Mike Sullivan, the team is now requiring all AHL and ECHL players in the team's system to wear neck protection. While the team has no authority to require its NHL players to do the same, it is highly encouraged by the organization.

We have already seen some players in the AHL take their safety into their own hands. Several players on the Providence Bruins were seen wearing neck protection at their last game although the Bruins have not made doing so mandatory. We very well could see teams issue the same rule one by one though as the entire league looks to make player safety an even higher priority.

The NHL is unlikely to enforce a rules change midseason but it is very possible the league and the NHLPA come to an agreement to make neck protection mandatory starting next season.

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BREAKING: NHL Team Becomes First To Enforce Neck Protection Mandate

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