BREAKING: Controversial Ron MacLean Openly Critics Gary Bettman

Published October 15, 2023 at 1:32 PM

Since Don Cherry's dismissal, Ron MacLean has frequently found himself in controversy. This time, he gave his opinion on a topic and it is well received by the community.

MacLean Challenges NHL's Decision on Pride Tape


On a recent broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada, Ron MacLean voiced his disagreement with the NHL's stance on banning Pride Tape.

Hats off to Ron MacLean for openly condemning the NHL for banning pride tape during the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast 🧢🌈

Ahead of tonight's home opener @hockeynight's @Ron_MacLean joins @ngelavaliant to chat the NHL banning pride tape

«I sense a readiness to rethink the current policy. It's important for the leadership to heed the voices of the 2SLGBTQ+ community and its supporters. At our core, many of us feel alienated by a directive we struggle to embrace.» - Ron MacLean

MacLean's bold stance has sparked intense discussions among fans, largely due to the charged nature of the topic.

It's commendable to see such a prominent figure in the NHL world challenging Bettman's decision.

Now, all eyes are on the NHL Commissioner, waiting to see if he'll revise the decision on Pride Tape or stick to his guns.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - BREAKING: Ron MacLean Makes Controversial Statement Live on Air
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BREAKING: Controversial Ron MacLean Openly Critics Gary Bettman

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