Analyst Suggest A Massive William Nylander Proposal That Could Solve The Leafs Problems

James Connelly
July 13, 2023  (3:31 PM)

Rachel Doerrie of The Hockey News has proposed a major trade that could solve all of the Leafs' problems.

Potential Nylander Move

William Nylander's contract demands have become a hot topic in recent discussions, with the Swedish winger seeking a salary exceeding $10 million per year. While Nylander's production justifies his ask when compared to his high-earning teammates, the Toronto Maple Leafs seem reluctant to meet his demands.
Rachel Doerrie, from The Hockey News and former analyst for the Vancouver Canucks, proposed an intriguing solution during her appearance on the Staff & Graff podcast. She suggested that the Carolina Hurricanes should pursue a game-changing trade for Nylander, presenting an opportunity for both teams to benefit.
"If William Nylander truly wants $10M, you have to trade him this summer, because you cannot pay him $10M. You simply cannot pay him $10M. You can pay him $9M, but you can't pay him $10M. If the trade is William Nylander for Brett Pesce and Martin Necas, I'm fine with that, like if that's what the trade is around, I don't think that's the entirety of the trade, but if the trade is built around that, that's okay."

While Doerrie didn't consider this to be the entirety of the trade, she believed it could form the foundation. This proposal takes advantage of Carolina's willingness to make Pesce available for trade and introduces Necas, a promising young middle-six forward, who could seamlessly fit into Toronto's second line. If the Leafs were willing to include a couple of draft picks, the Hurricanes might seriously consider the deal.

Who The Leafs Get

The Leafs would be getting two players who can work well in Toronto. Necas offers lots of offensive upside. The speedy winger made a name for himself by leading the Hurricanes in points with 71.
Pesce on the other hand is very sound defensively and the Hurricanes are reportedly looking to move him to make room for Erik Karlsson potentially.
At the end of the day, this kind of trade would greatly benefit the Leafs and would offer a solution to the hole Nylander would leave and would give the Leafs a top defenseman to get even deeper.
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Analyst Suggest A Massive William Nylander Proposal That Could Solve The Leafs Problems

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